Our services of Foreigner Visa Support Center Sendai

Procedure for entering Japan Application Procedure
"Certificate of Eligibility for a Status of Residence"
It is a procedure necessary for inviting foreigners to Japan.
Our office will be handed over from the creation of a complete set of application documents to submission to the Immigration Bureau.
(✰ It is possible to create only the submitted documents or only a part of necessary documents.)
"Temporary Visa"
It is a short-term VISA necessary to invite friends who are abroad for sightseeing in Japan. In recent years, this issuance examination has become strict, and the reliability of the application documents is questioned more than ever. We will accept from consultation until collection / creation of attached documents.(✰Commercial VISA is also accepted.)
Procedures required
during their stay in Japan
life in Japan " Permission for Extending Perios of Stay"
It is a procedure necessary for staying in Japan beyond the period of stay granted at the time of entry. Failure to do this procedure will result in illegal stay, so you need attention.
" Change of Status of Residence"
It is necessary for those who entered Japan as international students to get a job in a Japanese company. Please also leave this office by all means to concentrate on job hunting.
" Re-entry Permit"
When a foreigner leaves Japan temporarily due to vacation or commercial use, please do not forget to get permission for re-entry. If you obtain this permission, you can continue to use Alien Registration Card.
" Permission to Engage in Activity other than that Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted"
Even foreigners who are not found employment, such as international students, will be granted part-time job etc. within a certain limit by receiving this permission.
Procedures necessary
for marrying Japanese people
marriage " Marriage"
International marriage requires correct knowledge about the laws and procedures of both parties to marriage.
We support from gathering necessary documents to translation.
Procedure for living in Japan forever  
immigration " Permission for Permanet Residence"
For those who want to live forever in Japan, there is a way to get permission.
This procedure is very strict. Please contact us by all means.
" Naturalization"
Japanese nationality acquisition procedure is very strict, complicated, time-consuming procedure.
Our office will support the creation of documents necessary for obtaining Japanese nationality.